About the company


Trade and Transport Company "BESPOL" Sp. z o.o.  was established in 2000 as a limited liability company of private persons after the restructuring of the Cooperative of Agricultural and Mechanical Services in Łasin. We began operation on 1 January 2001. Our office is located in Łasin at 78 Młyńska Street.

The activity of BESPOL is based on three pillars:


We are a flourishing, progressively developing company. Our employees are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to provide customers with professional services. We aim at improvement of the standard of services we provide and continuous development of the competencies of our employees (Fleet Management System).

We do our best to provide our Customers with the highest standard of service and attractive conditions of collaboration.

Meeting our Customers’ requirements and predicting their future expectations is a feature that makes us unique among our competitors.

We encourage you to establish collaboration and become acquainted with our offer 


Zbigniew Bulera – President of the Management Board




Our town

For years our company has been tightly connected with the town of Łasin.  This is why we would like to provide a short description of the place and invite everyone not to hesitate and visit us at leisure.

Łasin is a town with a rich history. It is situated near Łasińskie Lake (so-called Castle Lake). The first settlement existed already under king Bolesław the Valiant. The earliest historic information about the existence of the settlement  called Łasin dates from 1014. Łasin was granted civic rights by the Teutonic Knights in 1298. After the first World War, after almost 150 years under the Prussian rule, Łasin returned to Poland. Like all old towns Łasin has its coat of arms – the head of John the Baptist,  and its flag.

The town is rich in monuments available to visitors: an old town hall, St. Catherine archipresbyterian church from 1328, a water tower built in1839 and the town hall building from 1900. There is also the Pomeranian Land Firefighting Museum, which exists at the local Volunteer Fire Service.

It is really worthwhile to visit us.